Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Where my mind is at..........

 In exactly 4 sleeps, me and my little family will be on a plane, headed for the ( well, I would say GREENER pastures, but I'm thinking that with the amount of rain we had this summer, that that would be impossible)- so, 2nd greatest country in the world. I might say it's the best,. but with the other 4 members of my family being English, I might be out-voted ;)
 This fills me with both dread, and joy. A ten hour flight with Aniya--------enough to make anyone squirm. It's the first time that I will be going on an airplane with her without having the option of nursing her to make her fall asleep. You never want your kid to be THAT kid who screams the whole flight and the parents look completely lost because they have no idea how to appease them. And I know I shouldn't worry, because we have not had a bad flight yet, in all our years of flying. And I think this will be Jacob's 8th time coming home---and Aniya's third time. So you think I'd have chilled out by now. ANYWAYS, my husband will be flying with us, both ways, and although he is slightly disabled ( had foot surgery 3 weeks ago and he's still not able to put a proper shoe on his foot....) it helps. He looks after the boys ( because they're the most difficult---right.) and I have the pleasure of looking after TROUBLE! Here's to hoping all goes well--

 Excitement--- I get to see my family and my friends again, and this is always good. And I'll be honest. If my sister Jen wasn't going to be there also, we wouldn't be going. The last time we saw eachother was 18 months ago, and lots happens in the life of a child in 18months. Aubrey was barely speaking when we saw her last, and  was so quiet and easy-going. Much has changed ;) And Aniya was only 8 months when Jen saw HER last. OH how things have changed. And this is what excites me most! Seeing how different the kids are now, and to see them interact with eachother! AND we are all staying at my Mom and Dad's for the last two weeks of Jen's visit, once Zach has left her and gone back to Georgia. So it's gonna be a party at Mom and Dad's house ;)

 So there is a tonne of stuff to do before we set off, so i better get a move on and start organizing and packing. I have quite the task ahead of my as my husband insists we only take two suitcases---for a family of five--- staying for four weeks----we'll see who wins ;)

Soon he'll be looking like this............

And he'll be enjoying this............

And all the cousins will be enjoying each-others company!

And hopefully the boys will get to do a little bit more of this.

And something tells me my family will see a little change in these little smoochers.

Good times ahead. I can't wait!

Friday, 9 September 2011

School stuff and such

I'm a mixture of emotions today. It's Asher's first official day of Reception, and from now on in, he will be at school everyday, All day. Another child lost to the system............... How do I feel about it?!? I'm not sure. Excitement because he loves going, which obviously helps. I love the little school they're in as well. Not too big ( 100 students total), small classroom sizes ( compared to back home!) and it's a Church of England school, so there is a good christian influence. Christian teaching without having to pay private school fees?!? Are you kidding me?? I'm in. I have to admit. When we first sent Jacob to the school, I totally assumed that the C of E stood for Center of Excellence..........it wasn't until later that I discovered that it stood for Church of England. Anyways, I digress.......... 

  I think I almost feel as though I am losing my purpose in life. Last year was probably the most difficult year of my life, in terms of parenting. I just felt like I was chasing my tail all day long-- dropping both boys off at 8.45, then returning at 11.45 to fetch Asher, and then back again at 3.35 for Jacob.  It didn't leave much time to get out and get stuff done, and with Aniya still needing her naps, I felt very bound to the house. And I always felt like I didn't have enough time to get anything done. Felt like I was being pulled in every direction and that the kids zapped me of any energy I had left over. By 8pm, I was DONE. Sit me on the sofa and give me a coffee. ( which didn't always happen, as there always seemed to be jobs that needed doing.)

 But today I find myself in a clean house (relatively----the blinds and windows need done, but I can not be bothered!) laundry is on the go, and Aniya is entertaining herself. It's only 10.30 and I have 5 hours before I need to collect the boys. In 2 hours, Aniya will go down for a 2 hour nap, which gives me another window of time where I can do what I like/need. I think this is the first time this has happened since having only Jacob. So from going to my super busy year last year to now---very weird. I feel like I need to start making up excuses to explain my existence. Very odd. 

 This morning I had a moment with Aniya, where she wanted me to 'dance' with her, while we were watching MTV. It just seemed so perfect---dancing with my daughter, no interruptions. She was just gazing at me, and I just thought 'Man.I am so ridiculously blessed. How wonderful to be able to spend some quality one-on-one time with my daughter, no distractions.' So I shall take full advantage of this year of 'freedom' from my boys, and use the time that I have wisely. Clean when Aniya is down, not when the kids are home ( ha! let's see if that actually happens) and just CHILL OUT in general. God has given me a precious year, and I shall use it wisely!

How cute are they?!?