Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Poorly little girl

 So I'm stuck at home today with a poorly little girl. Asher had conjunctivitis last week, and Aniya seems to have got it off him. But it's affected her far more than Asher. It almost looks as though she has eczema on her eyes as well. They're so red and puffy. Poor little girl. AND she's got a rockin' temperature. Awesome.

 Last week was half-term and I had all 3 at home with me. I don't know if it's my age, but I am becoming more and more irritable and far less patient these days. Everything seems to drive me crazy, and tips me over the edge so easily! I am having to CONSTANTLY remind myself to calm down and be patient. How my Mom managed with 5, I shall never know. ANYWAYS, so even though Aniya is not well, having only her at home with me still feels wonderful. I have moments where I can think, and no one interrupts me. If I whack on Peppa Pig, she actually sits still for the entirety of the program. This is incredible for my little whirl-wind of a girl!

 Aniya, although TROUBLE, is such a little treasure, and such a blessing to us. I always saw myself as Mother to only boys, and before I ever had any kids, if you would have asked me if I could could choose to have 3 boys or 3 girls, I would have said 3 boys. And even now, I love my boys. But there is something pretty special about this girl. 

 When I was pregnant with Asher, I was so convinced that he was a girl. My pregnancy was so different to Jacobs----I felt great with Jacob--full of energy, positive, LOVED being pregnant. Then with Asher, I carried him completely differently, I felt horrible--completely different. So I was CONVINCED he was a girl. And it wasn't until he was born, that i realized just how much I actually wanted a girl. Ofcourse I was pleased with my new little baby, but I couldn't help but feel disappointment.

 When I was pregnant with Aniya, again, I had a gut feeling that she was girl. But, I didn't want to allow myself to believe it because of how convinced I was with Asher. I did all the silly tests-- Chinese calender, the ring test---everything came back as girl, but I couldn't allow myself to believe it. So when Aniya was born, when the midwives said 'IT'S A GIRL!', I was on cloud nine! I just couldn't believe it. And for months afterwards, sometimes I would just stop and think 'Wow. I can't believe we have been blessed with a girl.' And this doesn't mean I am any less in love with my boys ( I don't think that could be possible) but she just seems to have been the missing link. Jacob absolutely adores her. I constantly find him just gazing at her, completely in a trance, smiling and then saying 'Aniya is so beautiful.' And Aniya LOVES her brothers. I think Asher is her favourite, which Jacob hates, but Asher and Aniya play together, and he doesn't demand her love. Jacob forces himself on her, and it drives her nuts. I get it. I often grab them and kiss and cuddle them, and it drives them crazy!

  Aniya is independent, stubborn, happy and just plain goofy. There is something about her that draws people to her. In fact, I think all 3 of them possess this quality. But there is something about her that just draws you in. She already knows how to be funny and witty. She knows when to turn on her charm, and if she has been naughty, she knows how to turn it around in her favour. It's hilarious to see! And even though she is a bit poorly today, she still knows how to have fun. Seriously, where do kids get their energy from?!?


  1. Poor Yaya:( Sorry she's not feeling good. Would have commented earlier when I read this, but my other computer would not let me comment for some reason. I LOVE that two out of three pictures Aniya has a lollypop:) So precious....need to see that kid(and your other two) SOON!!!

  2. Okay, i am so glad you posted again. (see it gets easier) you write so beautifully about your kids. So, imust confess, that i always , even as a young girl, thought i would be a mom to all boys.... Hehe. Boy, God had some other ideas. I was blessed with three girls. I love them all so and they are each very different.