Sunday, 12 June 2011

Let's just call it 'Spot'

 I'm not sure this post will include a picture. Why?!? Because it's about my spot ( and for those of you who are confused....... a zit.)
 I know it's a bit unusual to talk about something like a facial blemish, but hey. I'm unusual. And the reason I'm willing to speak about it, is because it's caused quite a stir in my little family.
 I woke up about 3 days ago with a red speck on my forehead. You know those ones that you only know are there because it hurts like heck everytime you furl your brow, but they aren't visible to anyone else?!? And the kind that you so badly want to have a go at squeezing, but you know, in your heart, that it hasn't got a head and therefor will not pop, but you can't control your urge to just give it a little poke?!? And then once you start poking you think ' Well, now that I've started, I need to give it a proper go!' And then you start to give 'er, and what started as a little, tiny speck that no one else could see, is now a MASSIVE, angry zit that is so obvious, and so much more painful, and you never even had the satisfaction of getting anything out of it?!? Ya, that kind. They're awesome.
So Asher says to me 'Mom, what is that on your head?!'
Me--What do you mean?!? 
Asher-' That big, red, spot. What is it?! ' 
Me--Oh, nothing. 
Asher--' Jacob!! Come and see this massive spot that Mummy has on her head!!!' 
 Now, I start laughing. Rewind 10 years ago, when I was having problems with adult acne, and so bad that I wanted to hid in my closet all day long ( and looking back now, I know it wasn't that bad, but not having teen acne, it was AWFUL for me), then, I would have wanted to hid in my shell. Now, I don't mind. And because it was just the one, I was seriously NOT bothered. So I was kind of enjoying the attention I was getting ;) 
 I squeezed it again at night time, while I was bathing the kids, and still nothing. Asher was still completely intrigued by it. 'Mom. Why is it still there?! Does it hurt?? It's so massive!' Aniya keeps pointing at me, saying 'Owie!' and then keeps kissing me cuz she feels sorry for me. Jacob keeps asking me why I have a 
spot on my head, and how it got there. I just told him-'Give it 10 years Cobs. You'll know!' He was completely confused.......... Every time I looked over at Jo, he pretended he got poked in the eye...;) My family is VERY funny. So, we've called it Spot. Sadly, Spot's day ( or days ) of glory have come to an end. I think I may actually miss all the attention it was giving me. It brought out the humor in my kids, which I found hilarious. Jacob is clever enough to know that he could mock me for it, and I liked that ( weird, I know.)   Side-note/story---- We have a bucket of magnetic letters, and when I walked into the kitchen today, it said 'Poopy Asher' on the oven. I questioned Jacob about it, and he instantly replied with-'Huh?! I thought I put a 'L' on there. That's weird.'--he is his father's son.
 So tomorrow, my life will return to normal. Spot will have disappeared completely, and I shall just be known as Mummy again. Oh well, it was good while it lasted ;)  R.I.P Spot.
Okay, so I've added one picture. This is me without Spot ( I think ;)


  1. hahaha! I LOVE those kids! Wish I could have seen Spot...sounds like a gooder ;) Did it end up popping like that one we saw in the youtube video?!? Ewwwwww

  2. Oh Jen. You've made me wretch! No! The annoying thing was that it never resulted in anything other than a gouge in my forehead. Now I just bear the scar of what once was.

  3. lol you are hysterical. I hate those "Spots" Hurt like the dickens. I love that you guys got a good laugh from it. That is awesome!